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Regular Customer’s Card

  • During your first visit you will receive a regular Customer's Card, which will enable you to get one free massage. Remember to collect stamps during your every visit.
  • The additional, free massage is the massage you will have been choosing most frequently, and its prize cannot be higher than the prize of the most expensive massage.
  • If you were to choose different massages the additional free massage will be determined on the basis of the average sum of prizes of all the massages.
  • The card is valid for three months since the first stamp.
  • The card is valid for one person only.
Oferta promocyjna - karta stałego klienta
Oferta promocyjna - vouchery


  • We have prepared an exceptional and universal gift idea especially for our clients - a voucher for one massage from our offer.
  • A voucher is nominal and may be used in any of our salons (Anothai I or Anothai II).


Salon Anothai I

Al. Jana Pawła II 45a lok. 54a, I floor
01-008 Warszawa

+48 889 998 390 
+48 22 636 02 49

Monday - Sunday
11:00 - 22:00

Anothai I al. Jana Pawła II