Its roots are dated back to the Ancient times. It is one of the Asian healing arts practiced for over 2.5 thousand years as a part of natural medicine. Thai massage combines elements of yoga, traditional techniques of Chinese massage Tui Na, Ayurvedic Indian massage and Japanese Shiatsu.It is performed on a mattress on the floor with a client comfortably dressed. Through application of pressure on energy lines and points, and a vast array of passive stretching movements performed with the hands, feet, knees and elbow's, the body experiences profound relaxation, peripheral stimulation of internal organs, increased flexibility and flow of energy.
Classical Thai massage

Classical Thai massage

Massage starts from foot to head. It is performed without the use of herbs or essential oils. Through application of pressure on energy lines and points performed with the hands, feet, knees and elbow's, the body experiences profound relaxation, peripheral stimulation of internal organs, reduced pain in spine, arms and legs.

Massage with herbal compresses

Massage with herbal compresses

The massage is performed with the help of herbs and spices (such as eucalyptus leaves, turmeric, tamarind, lemon grass), placed in special cotton bags. Compresses are heated to release the essential oils contained in herbs and then full body massage could be performed with them.
Massage has analgesic and relaxing effects. It stimulates metabolism and purifies the body of harmful toxins.

Massage with essential oils

Massage with essential oils

This is a typical relaxing and revitalizing massage performed with the use of different types of essential oils, including extracts of peppermint, lavender, sandalwood, and rosewood. It aims to improve the immune and nervous systems and accelerate the excretion of excess water from the body by stimulating the lymphatic system and blood stream.

Therapeutic massage

Therapeutic massage

It is very similar to the classical Thai massage. The difference is that here the masseuse focuses on reducing muscle tension to reduce or even eliminate the pain from different parts of the spine.

Thai massage has many benefits, such as:

  • relaxing and calming effects
  • reducing stress
  • improving circulation of blood and lymph
  • increasing energy
  • increasing flexibility
  • improving range of motion
  • balancing the nervous system
  • reducing/relieving pain and muscle tension
  • increasing ability to absorb nutrition
  • enhancing elimination of wastes and toxic debris from physical, mental and emotional strain

Before the first massage we’ll interview you about your health condition so that we could offer the most appropriate massage techniques for you. A properly performed massage would have relaxing and calming effects , improve your flexibility and reduce pain and muscle tension. Thai massage is recommended not only to people with poor health, but also for all people who are tired, overworked and stressed.

Massage is not recommended for certain people: infectious skin disease, rash, or open wounds, pregnant women or women during menstruation, immediately after chemotherapy or radiation, unless recommended by your doctor, with certain heart conditions and diseases, with inflamed skin, unhealed wounds, tumors, abdominal hernia, or areas of recent fractures

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